The Manifesting Formula

Manifesting: 10 Signs From The Universe That You're On The Right Path

May 04, 2022 Season 2 Episode 61
The Manifesting Formula
Manifesting: 10 Signs From The Universe That You're On The Right Path
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In today's episode I will be talking about the 10 signs from the Universe that you are on the right path. You will find out if your energy is aligning with the Universe. You have to pay attention my friends to the signals. Start listening to find out if you are becoming aligned with who you truly are.

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Hello my beautiful friends, how are you all doing on this fabulous day? Can I just tell you right now, we have had some gorgeous weather here in the state of Florida, cool breezes with temperatures in the 80’s. I am just loving this weather. So Before we get into today’s episode I have a few things that I wanted to talk to you all about. 

The first one is I was wondering your thoughts on me interviewing others that have deliberatley manifested what they have wanted into their life? Hearing their stories, you know, like minded people that maybe have written a  book, or that have a spiritual podcast of their own, people that are forward thinkers that we can learn something from? And I would love to hear some of your stories on manifesting.  I am curious to know your thoughts. I have never interviewed anyone before, but I wanted to know if hearing other people’s stories would be interesting for you.  You can let me know by leaving me a message in the Manifesting formula tribe fb group, and if you haven’t joined yet, Why the hell not?!? Lol or you can email me at I will of course go with what the majority of the listeners want. Because continuing to create content for this podcast is about what my listeners are wanting to hear. If it weren’t for you all, I wouldn’t still be doing this. 

My second ask is if any of you are really good at social media, with posting,hash tagging, and all the other stuff that comes with it, I would love to speak with you, I am looking to hire someone that knows their shit when it comes to the social media world, please get in touch with me through the link in the show notes. I would ask my daughter as she is amazing at social media, She has over 60,000 followers on instagram but, you know how that goes….I’m her mother and it’s just not the same to post for your mom. Lol Check out her page on Instagram I will leave her link in the show notes.  I have to be really honest, I don’t love posting on social media, I am a writer and I just want to create content for others. So if any of you can help a sista out, please let me know. I am thanking you all in advance. 

Since we are on the topic of being grateful, what are you thankful for today my friends, think about it and feel the love for whatever it is. Today I am grateful for the signs that I am shown from the Universe. For paying attention to my intuition and for knowing that whatever I ask for and expect I will always receive. I can not tell you how amazing it feels knowing this as your truth. Knowing that I can have whatever it is that I want, by taking control of my thoughts and my feelings, and by deliberately creating the life that I have always wanted to live. YES YES YES!! Talking about raising those vibes, that felt so good. 

Get those journals out my friends, it’s time to add some affirmations to your list. Are you ready, here we go. 1. I accept that I can’t change what’s behind me and I am committed to growing from it. 2. I no longer let people’s opinions of my affect me. 3. I will be patient with myself on this journey. 4. I only give energy to think that add to my growth. Ok my friends, it’s time to jump into today’s episode which is on 10 signs that you are on the right path. We all know that the universe has a sense of humor and sometimes has a funny way of showing you that things are headed in the right direction. 

More often than not, we FREQUENTLY doubt ourselves and get the feeling that we’re not doing something right or what we are doing isn’t going to get us where we want to be.  When we choose to think these kind of thoughts of doubt added with our lack of faith in the universe, 

we wind up losing our motivation and we begin to fall victim to the world around us.

And as you all know, the more you BELIEVE that you’re on the wrong path. The MORE you will manifest that idea and more like thoughts will , continue to appear.

But WHAT IF the path you’re on is indeed THE RIGHT ONE but you just don’t know it yet?

The Universe has a strange way of showing us that sometimes  what we are doing is actually getting us to where we want to be. 

I am sure there have been times that you have asked yourself, “am I on the right path?”, what are the signs to show me that I am on the right path?  The great news my friends, is that the universe will let you know when you’re on the right path or if it’s time to make a change.

So I won’t keep you waiting any longer, Here are 10 signs that the universe is sending out, to let you know that you are headed on the path you want to be on.

1. You keep seeing synchronized numbers, the numbers are all lining up.

Seeing synchronicity happening in your life is one of the best ways to know that you are on the right path.

The universe will reveal itself to us through synchronicities, which are essentially meaningful signals that have a greater message for us.

These synchronized messages could be seeing repeated numbers like 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, or favorite number which I see all the time 4:44. and 44 which you all know is Daniel for me. Seeing them when you check the time.  on a license plate, a house address, on a jersey, a building. They just happen to appear anywhere you go. 

Some people dismiss these signs of numerology as mere superstition, but there actually  is something to it.

If you’re seeing rare number combinations pop up consistently, that is the universe communicating with you.and you can be sure that it’s a sign from above guiding you towards your highest good!  

2. New opportunities keep happening

When you are on the path to success, doors will constantly seem to open up for you. This is because the universe knows when you are in alignment with your chosen path, and it will always bring people and opportunities your way when you need them.

Whether the opportunities are big or small, be thankful for them, as they will always help you find new ways to move forward.  Because Things are starting to line up.

It’s Similar to how you begin forming strong relationships with people who seem to push you closer and closer to your goals, your overall situation will begin to improve and change for the better. For example, if you really want to become an Executive where you work, you might notice that all of a sudden you were asked to work on a lot of projects with all the current executives.

Or maybe you find out you’re getting a big promotion that you didn’t know was coming.

The Universe doesn’t give you everything at once. But the universe WILL give them to you in smaller, bite-sized chunks that you can digest and get used to.

Ride the wave my friends and get ready for things to keep lining up.

3: You feel right.

We Humans have this sixth sense that lets us know when things are going right. Which is called our “intuition”.

And we all know that feeling IS the Universe reminding you from within that you’re on the right path and moving closer to your dreams and goals.

When you feel this feeling, don’t let it go; keep moving in the direction you’re moving in and don’t stop until you find yourself on the top of the mountain that you are climbing, don’t stop until you reach your end result.  

You are going to feel so motivated and excited for the future

Feeling inspired and excited about the future means that you’re doing something right.

When you feel anxious about the future, it means you’re not quite aligned with where you are in your life right now. If you feel nervous about what the future holds, take a look back at your life and see if there’s anything that’s holding you back.

When you are excited about the future, it means that you’re content with where you are in your life right now. If you can’t wait to live out your dreams, then this is a sign that you’re on the right path!

The universe wants to reward you for trusting in your journey, so it will always supply you with the motivation and excitement needed to keep you going. 

Never underestimate the power of your intuition.

When you get a strong feeling of certainty about an upcoming decision or life circumstance, it’s best not to ignore it.

An overwhelming sense of certainty can be one of the clearest signs from the universe you’re on the right path.

It’s not a “mood” or temporary emotion. It’s more of a deep inner knowing that you’re doing what needs to be done.

Sometimes it may even include difficult or painful emotions but the firm knowledge that you’re on the right path.

If you want to tap into this state, cultivate an inner sense of calm.

Spend time in nature and in peaceful self-reflection. Let the beat of your heart and your breath slowly reveal the truth to you.

It will come in one of three ways: stop, go or wait.

When you get that inner knowing to proceed, pay attention to it.

This is your gut instinct telling you to continue.

You’re on the right path and all you need to do now is keep going.

4: Signs pop up right in front of your eyes

Sometimes the biggest signs from the universe you’re on the right path are actual signs.

I’m talking about highway signs, popup ads on your computer , signs on people’s t-shirts that you walk by, stickers, cards, magazine articles.

These may be verbal or visual signs helping guide you where you’re meant to be.

If you’ve been pursuing a new career or relationship, or leaving one behind, you can feel totally lost.

Then all of a sudden you see a sign telling you something reassuring or inspiring…

The good news is that the universe is sending you a message that you’re on the right path. You start to see 

success everywhere you look.

You notice all the things going right in your life AND in others.

You feel the success in your own reflection when you look in the mirror.  You are able to see yourself in the new house that you have been wanting. And it doesn’t seem like it’s not possible anymore. 

You see other peoples success and you FEEL HAPPY FOR THEM!

When we begin to see our goals and dreams materialize around us and manifest themselves in our surroundings, we are witnessing one of the Universe’s biggest hints.

As I mentioned before, the Universe works in mysterious ways.

And it isn’t always easy to understand. More often then not, we begin to distance ourselves from our wants and goals because we don’t know how to read its signs.

Knowing how to read the signs and truly understand them can keep you motivated.

Failing to do so can put you in the WRONG direction and, ultimately, further from your visions and dreams.

Sometimes your path to success is lit up all around you. You just need to look harder to see them. 


you may also get unexpected nudges that will let you know that you’re on the right path.

Sometimes it seems like a mistake, but then you realize how that  certain “nudge” led you to your destiny.

Were you on the way to marry your finance when you got a “nudge” by running into an old flame and realizing the two of you were still in love?

Maybe you Were deciding where you should vacation and then planning to travel to Italy when a last-minute nudge of multiple flight cancellations caused you to end up in Nepal  instead?

All of these kinds of situations are ways in which the universe nudges you onto the path where you can reach your full destiny.

5. You feel at peace

Regardless of what else is going on in your life, you always feel at ease and comfortable with yourself.

This feeling of comfort and serenity will show that you’re on the right path towards living a fulfilled and happy life, as there’s nothing better than living a life where you genuinely love yourself. When we’re moving along a path that isn’t really right for us or is moving us further away from our dreams, we can often feel agitated and stuck. We can’t sleep. We find ourselves playing the victim. And we constantly want to be somewhere else.

But. When you notice that this sinking feeling has been replaced with a feeling of peace, recognize that it is the Universe telling you that you’re on the RIGHT path.

Use this new-found sense of peace and security to fuel your work and BECOME the successful person you know you can be.

Don’t let anything take that away from you. 

You feel free of the judgments and opinions of others

We’re only human and with our ego which takes over a huge part of our humanness unless we learn to control it, it’s only natural that we care somewhat about the opinions and judgments of others.

As kids and teens, it’s common for peer pressure to have an enormous influence on our lives.

But as we get older and travel along our own path, these external judgments and pressures aren’t as compelling.

We start to let go and not care anymore, knowing what others think and say isn’t about us anyway. It’s about them.

This inner confidence and ability to let the outer noise fade away is one of the surest signs from the universe you’re on the right path.

You’re right where you need to be

6.You’re learning to let go of past.

 our PAST experiences that were negative, tend to hold us back from creating the life we want.

When you start to find yourself always looking FORWARD.

Thinking about the next two, three, and even four steps in your plan you start to feel freer and closer to your dreams.

The Universe is always listening to you and your call for help when wanting to move forward.

It is recognizing that you are moving towards your goals and cutting all ties to the anchors of the past that are holding you back. 

You’re moving on from the past

Even though the past is a part of us and can teach us many lessons, if we constantly dwell on our past, it will hold us back.

When you are thankful for everything that has happened in your life but keep moving forward to reach your goals, the universe will know that you’re ready to release everything from your past and move into love and positivity.

When you stop dwelling in your past, it means you’re happy and content with where you are right now. The universe will be able to take you even further when you are happy with where you are!

7. You’re attracting new people into your life

When you are on the right track towards success, more good people will keep coming into your life.

Whether it is through friends, family members, or even romantic partners, the universe will always ensure that you’re around people who are on your same frequency.

If you feel negative people in your life right now, this is simply because you’re not attracting the right people yet. The universe knows what kind of energy you need in your life and only brings the necessary good energies towards you!

When you’re on the right path, you’re happier with life, which means you’re putting out positive energy. This allows the universe to attract the right people and synchronize circumstances and events to you so you can continue moving forward on your journey!

Quality relationships are beginning to form.

We all need friends; humans are social animals. But not every person you meet is focused on helping you succeed in achieving YOUR goals.

And because of this reality, you will meet a lot of people who will hold you back and make your dreams seem further and further out of reach.

A strong sign from the Universe that you’re on the right path is the appearance of many STRONG relationships.

These are the kinds of people who seem to be invested in you and your success and WANT to see you grow and become the best version of “you” possible.

When you begin to meet these people, you’re experiencing a clear-cut sign that you’re going in the right direction.

8.Things are getting tough.

Is life feeling like a constant uphill battle that seems to bring on challenge after challenge?

Do you see roadblock after roadblock with no signs of them stopping anytime soon?

When we are on the right path and moving towards our goals and desires. The Universe will begin throwing curve balls and situations that CHALLENGE us. Challenges no longer break you

Regardless of what happens in your life, you never seem to be too rattled by it.

If something goes wrong, you can take a step back and analyze the problem at hand without getting too worked up about it. It may not always go away right then, but everything does work out for your highest good with patience.

When nothing seems to break you down anymore, this is because you’re in tune with yourself and aware that everything in life is here for a reason!  This means that when challenges come into your life, they do not phase you because you know they are there to test how strong you really are!

This helps us focus on developing the skills we need to succeed.

The late nights and tedious jobs are only making you stronger and teaching you more.

If EVERYTHING was easy, you would never want to move anywhere in life and you’d constantly find yourself going nowhere.

Remember, sometimes we have to be buried deep for us to grow and bloom into the new version of who we are to become.

Don’t give up.

9.   You feel aligned with love 

You fall in love with a person, place or way of life

Love is one of those game-changers in life. You fall in love with who you have become 

It often comes when you least expect it to, and just at the moment when you’re truly feeling joy in your own company.

Then along comes another being to share that joy with you.

Or maybe you fall in love with a place, a culture or a way of living…

This emotion of love –  means you’re on the right path, 

10. Things start workin in your favor 

The world opens before you almost without effort

This is one of the most satisfying signs from the universe you’re on the right path:

Everything just opens up in front of you.

The job comes through, the person you like also likes you, friendships flourish and new interests lead you to thrive.

It’s as if you’re living in a dream.

Other people may even become jealous of you.

If you’re used to life being a rocky road, then experiencing this can bring on some serious anxiety:

This seems too good to be true and it feels like something’s going to go wrong very soon.

It’s true that challenges will always arise in life. But if everything is opening up for you then keep going.

The universe is clearing a path for you.  

Well there you have it my friends, 10 signs from the universe that you are headed down the right path. 

So Why does the universe send us signs?

There are many reasons 

Sometimes they will tell us that we made the right choice. Sometimes it is to confirm something we already knew but didn’t want to acknowledge. And Other times they are to test our faith, and to see if we trust ourselves in what we are able to attract. But most of the time, the universe’s signs are meant as reassurance of where we are headed in life.

The universe always has our best interests at heart, so it will send us signs of encouragement, warnings, or even a gentle nudge. The universe doesn’t give up on us easily. It will keep sending signs until we get the message. 

is it important to listen to the signs that the Universe is sending you?  

 YES because the universe only wants love for you, The universe wants you to feel good all of the time. It will give you signals to keep going when you’re on the right path and signals to pull back when you’re going down a negative road. So you really want to pay attention to your intuition.

The universe wants you to be happy, it’s always sending you signs in your direction that will help you to stay aligned with feeling happy! You just have to pay attention to the driftwood. If something isn’t right then the Universe will send out these signals to let you know as well.

The universe works in your favor my friends, so always trust the signals it sends you!

You will know that you’re on the right path spiritually when you are begin to see life in a different way. If you’re feeling more positive than negative, this means that you’re on the right path spiritually.

Being able to look past the unfortunate events happening around the world and by not focusing on what is out of your control but focusing on what you can do to make your life better is a sign that you are more spiritually aware.

Having a connection with what is around you, and living every day feeling grateful and happy because of it, means that you’ve found spirituality!  The more in tune with nature you are, the more spiritual you will feel! 

Thank you all for listening to The Manifesting Formula and thank you for all that you have done to share this podcast. I am truly grateful to you all. Have a beautiful day wherever you are in the world, sending you all so much love, peace and abundance, and if no one has told you today. I love you.